What would a world look like in which our innovation was successfully implemented?
    A world without power outages. A world with highly safe operation of old battery cells.

  • conventional Charging parks for e-vehicles are eliminated.
  • PV modules, wind turbines can be connected directly to an e-vehicle without additional devices.
  • Fast charging is still possible but now at any point on earth without additional devices.
  • E-vehicles can be directly connected via cable for energy exchange and/or simultaneously exchange full and empty modules.
  • The modules from the house energy storage can be used in the vehicle and vice versa.
  • With our N-Level technology, the Fukushima disaster could have been prevented.
    We do what we can do best: Implementing the N-Level technology in many areas as possible at the same time. Therefore providing our Technology and Consultation to companies worldwide which are accelerating them. Therefore we work together and license our core technology to our collaborators.

    Our patent-based control system enables manufacturers of batteries, battery storage systems and power transformation products to offer cheaper, better performing and much safer energy storage systems.

    Who benefits?
    All manufacturers and users of batteries or products of electrical transformation, regardless of the industry and size, from power banks to power plants, whether solar or nuclear.

  • Solar
  • Storage, Megawatt Inverter, Peak Shaving Electric substations
  • Home energy
  • Storage, Inverter, Energy Management
  • Mobility
  • high speed charging, car batteries, bidirectional charging
  • Island and standalone operation
  • agricultural infrastructure, hermit houses, allotments
  • Data Center
  • UPS & Power Infrastructure
  • Electric substations
  • Grid stability - peak shaving
  • Shipping
  • Yachts, freighters, ferries
  • Aviation
  • Air cabs, Drones
  • Rail
  • autonomous driving single wagons

    What is the goal?
    A large number of different batteries are interconnected by software in real time forming a virtual battery pack.

  • Defective battery cells are detected in full operation and switched off individually.
  • Today unusable batteries can be recycled, mixed and used safely.
  • Ability to store or release energy on same terminals.
  • Charge rectifiers, inverters, DCDC converters, MPPT controllers, balancing controllers, motor inverters are eliminated without replacement.
  • Multiple N-Level battery storage systems, each with completely different battery cells, can be coupled without additional equipment.
  • Battery forming farms for messuring and sorting cells are no longer needed.

    We are a provider of disruptive energy transforming knowledge, accelerating the entire energy and battery market worldwide and in all areas.

    We build a running prototype.

    Since the invention has been shaping the inventor's life for 15 years, it makes sense to continue on this path in any case. In this, driven by complementary ideals, we see the great strength next to the patent.
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